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April 20, 2009

The Perfect Cocktail Party

I attended a perfect cocktail party last week, which inspired this post. I like making lists. I enjoy reading lists.

Here is my list of ingredients for a successful cocktail party:

1. Invitation. A thorough and informative request of you company is the first impression. While design is important and appreciated, details are key. This party was more elegant than most and the invitation subtly suggested this. I was happy to have this information, so I could dress appropriately.

2. A desirable address. A good neighborhood, or a great destination sets the stage for an interesting evening. The party was on West 14th Street in the Meatpacking District, around the corner from the busy Gaslight Lounge.

3. A gracious and welcoming hostess. Gabriella and Rachel could not have been lovelier. Thank you ladies!

4. Great weather. It was a beautiful spring evening, the trees were starting to bloom, the restaurants had their sidewalk cafe tables out and windows open.

5. An appropriate venue. It should have a great vibe, be aesthetically pleasing, easy to find and accommodating. Gabriella’s studio fit this criteria and them some. Her gorgeous loft was a magnificent backdrop for this fete.

6. FOOD! It must taste good. If it is presented in an interesting, creative and attractive way, excellent. Ideally it is edible in one bite and not messy. Consider quantities, availability and variety when planning the menu. Attractive, attentive servers don’t hurt either. Peter Callahan and his team at Callahan Catering did an amazing job of delivering. I am going to get off topic for one more list of the mini foods served because it’s food and this food is worth going off topic for:

*Mini blueberry pancakes
*Mini grilled cheese sandwiches
*Mini soft pretzels with mustard and Mini steins of beer to match
*Mini hot dogs, Mini burgers, Mini cones of French fries,
*Mini edible spoons of caviar with Mini shots of vodka,
*Mini stuffed pitas
*Mini nutter flutter cones
*Mini chocolate orange cigars
*Mini limoncello popsicles

7. Cocktails. Free flowing. Moet provided excellent bubbly.

8. Intriguing guest list. There was a wonderful balance of people I know and people I want to know. I met Darcy Miller of Martha Stewart Weddings, Ron Ben Israel and Rebecca Crumley of the The Knot.

9. Entertainment. There was variety, volume and vibe. Elan Artists are amazing. We were treated to powerful vocals, an excellent band and awesome dancing.

10. Wingman (or wingwoman in my case).
Bring someone like minded and social who compliments your personality. Make sure they are confident enough to be left on their own and willing to initiate conversations of their own, if the circumstances or company implies it. Samuelle, you are an amazing dress designer and a divine cocktail companion!

(Photo Credit: Allan Zepeda for Mel Barlow Photography)

  1. allan z. says:

    Thanks for the credit!! 🙂

  2. Tammy Golson says:

    My pleasure, thanks so much for the beautiful photography. Great seeing you last week at the Metropolitan Club!

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