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Q: Do you know what your handwriting says about you?

Most people do not, especially in our generation of g-chat, facebook instant messages, tweets, texts, e-mail and bbm. You may not even recognized the handwriting of someone you love.

Weddings are an opportunities to celebrate, acknowledge and connect with those closest to you.

I’ve discovered an excellent an original idea to introduce at your next event.
Now you can incorporate an analysis of your family and friends’ handwriting into your pre-wedding activities, in a heartfelt way.

It can be:
• a personal and intelligent way to acknowledge the ladies at your bridal luncheon or shower.
• an excellent way for your and your fiance’s families to get to know each other at the rehearsal dinner.
• an amazing alternative to standard place cards when dressing a table.
• an original way to thank your wedding party for participating in your day.
• a great start to a thoughtful and sincere scrapbook.

Adorn this idea with:
• a magnified glass
• a beautiful pen
• personalized stationery
• an engraved journal
• a book
• or simply a (handwritten, of course) love letter

How does this work?
Simply request a one page sample of the individual’s handwriting in the event invitation. Provide the paper, a self addressed stamped envelope and give them a choice of a few topics to write about in case they need some encouragement or inspiration.

For example:
• advice on how to have a long and happy marriage
• story of how we met
• love letter
• favorite memory

These samples are used to generate thorough and wildly accurate handwriting profiles. This confidential analysis describes the many important motivational traits that handwriting samples show are a significant part of individual’s personality.Particular attention is focused on the characteristics which most influence the relationships with others.

The reports are divided into the following categories:

Stress Level
Thinking Patterns
Emotional Structure

Here are some highlights from my handwriting analysis:

“You tend mostly to be balanced in stressful situations” “You enjoy searching for answers and are resourceful in gathering your own information” “vivid, active imagination” “ability to come up with original innovative ideas” “You are probably happiest when you can work in creative way and you will likely achieve rather spectacular results if you can deal with the practicalities of bringing your ideas to fruition.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this post! It’s interesting and also helpful as I have terrible handwriting and am looking for someone to help with my invitations.

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