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It is our pleasure to plan your wedding or special event. The importance of this event to you, and your family makes this responsibility extremely rewarding for our team. We love creating events that are a true representation of our client’s personality. When you hire Tammy Golson Events, you get a level of dedication and enthusiasm that eases the stress, enhances the experience and elevates the end result. 

Whether your tastes are traditional, modern or unconventional, we are prepared to create an event that is true to you, always being mindful of your preferences, priorities and investments.

"Her value was obvious throughout the planning. She was our advocate and guide, and always a reliable partner.

In the months before the wedding, Tammy worked with us to figure out our style, and she customized her approach to us. She was flexible and sought to execute on our vision. She also used her experience to help us make decisions when didn’t have a vision. Tammy made sure we asked the right questions, kept us to timelines, and supported us with our vendors."

"If you are looking for an exceptional wedding planner, we strongly recommend Tammy."

Kate and Chris

nahatant country club   
nahant, massachusetts 

"Tammy was always there when we needed her, was incredibly communicative via email and phone, created an organized schedule for the weekend, coordinated day-of details with all of our vendors, and on the day of the wedding, was a STAR. When I felt sick, she offered to get me orange juice and Tums. When it started to rain, Tammy was there with umbrellas for the bridal party. During the ceremony, she worked tirelessly to make sure the timing was perfect and everything went off without a hitch (except ours, of course :). I absolutely loved working with her. If you have a lot of moving parts, you can trust Tammy to take care of it all. She is a wonderfully talented wedding coordinator, and a lovely and kind human being. Hire her to coordinate your wedding. You will be so grateful you did."

"Tammy is, in one word, amazing!"

Kasey and Tarun 

Manhattan Penthouse
New york, NY

"A huge note of thanks to you! The best decision we made was to work with you (outside of the marrying-each-other bit)."

"[Our wedding] never would have happened without [tammy]!"

Allison and Erin  

The Bell House
Brooklyn, New York 

"I can not imagine how we would have pulled off such an amazing event without your priceless work. You have such knowledge, skill, creativity and balance to get it all done so seamlessly. I think we will share for years to come how valuable it was to have you there for us throughout the process. "

"we will share for years to come how valuable it was to have you there for us throughout the process."

Lindsey and Elwood 

Prospect Park Boat House Brooklyn, New York 

full planning

If you are recently engaged or just started thinking about the wedding and are overwhelmed by the thought of where to begin, you may be a great candidate for our full planning service. Invite us along and we’ll take this journey together. It can be such an exciting time, and having the knowledge, experience and guidance of a seasoned professional from the very beginning will maximize your efficiency, allow for careful allocation of the budget and aid in the approach that will set you up for an enjoyable experience.

We recommend talented and trustworthy vendors and create and maintain core documents. We introduce fun ideas to infuse creativity, sentiment, intent and care into the big pieces and smallest details. No matter the style, size or location of your wedding, with full planning we will make ourselves available to you every step of the way.

partial planning

This is a popular service for those couples who are somewhere in between full planning and month of coordination. Often times they know they’ll need extra help from the very beginning and approach us early for a custom quote. Other times couples start planning and get stuck or overwhelmed along the way.

This service includes our month of coordination, and then allows us to accommodate the extra and often unique needs of our clients. This allows you to reap the benefits of our decade of experience before it’s too late to incorporate our ideas, recommendations and suggestions. This service is truly tailored to your needs and budget and is priced based on the scope of the project and the time and staffing required. ​

month-of coordination

This is a luxury service that starts eight weeks before your wedding. You’ve planned it, but want to insure your hard work and investments are securely in the hands of a professional, so you can shift from holding the reins and begin acclimating to your role of bride or groom.

 This service allows us to take great care of our clients in this special time just prior to the wedding. Even though our time together is brief, our impact is significant. We quickly get acquainted so we can create, organize and coordinate your core wedding documents and details, minimizing your stress and leaving you more time to relax and enjoy the weeks leading up to your wedding day. 

bespoke services

We absolutely love to travel and have proudly planned weddings in New York, Hawaii, Connecticut, New Jersey, Washington DC. Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and in Wisconsin. We are happy to coordinate wedding shopping and concierge services for our international clients traveling from abroad. Please contact us to set up a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs and how we can serve you best.

 We do limit the number of weddings we plan and coordinate each year so we can best service those clients who have enlisted our services. Having just marked our 10th year in business we are proud to have structured all of our services in a way that allows us to be generous with our knowledge, time and resources. Those who book earlier do tend to get a greater return on their investment as they start benefiting from our services immediately.

Virtual Planning, Coordination and Consulting 

We believe everyone should be able to reap the benefits of having a professional planner in their corner.
We don’t want your wedding or event budget or location to be a deterrent. We are happy to personalize a proposal outlining a virtual planning or coordination service, which will consist of video chats, scheduled phone calls and email support. And an event coordinator from our team can be present on your wedding day to oversee the vendors, logistics and details.

 Pricing will be determined based on the timeline of our agreement. Please inquire for more information.

bridal showers

welcome parties

rehearsal dinners

other services

We love taking on a larger role during these very special seasons of your life or supporting your event planning needs in the future. If you’re interested in adding additional events or services to your proposal, please let us know so we can show you what that would entail. Or if someone else is hosting an event for you- we’d welcome an introduction and we’ll take it from there.  

We’re also interested in learning about your corporate events needs, fundraising initiatives and non profit event planning opportunities. 

Event planning investments are influenced by  number of guests, location, season, date, complexity, scope of project and our availablity. We are happy to customize our services to complement your event planning needs, when possible. 


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