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It’s raining. I’ll be looking for rainbows tonight on my way home. My son’s iconic yellow raincoat still fits and my daffodils are in full bloom. I received my first vaccine a few weeks ago and am so happy I’ll be prepared as the 2021 wedding season soon approaches. I’ve been very reluctant to market myself and book weddings but now that I can do so safely, I am so excited and eager to start connecting with wonderful couples again. My prior reluctance means I still have some prime dates available, so if you know couples who are planning weddings and in need of support or coordination, I’d certainly appreciate an introduction.

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Last week I was in Boston. I toured the massive renovations at SOWA The Power Station. It’s going to be amazing! I mean it was already, but it’s going to be more refined, more accessible and easier for people to plan epic events. It’s still an enormous space, but once the transformation is finished, there will be new floors, indoor restrooms, electricity, power and so much more. I am thrilled they preserved the integrity of the building and it’s original charm so beautifully while making it better for couples, guests, caterers and professional teams.

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I’ve been in touch with the team at 2101 Commonwealth, they are busy but still booking events for 2101. One of the big benefits of this venue is that you have interesting indoor options, both classic and modern but also wonderful outdoor options as well. The terrace is beautiful and the lawn is perfect for a tented reception.

Duncan is walking, talking and more fun than ever. When I am not fielding inquiries, updating my social media, or planning weddings, you may find me at the playground or pushing his plastic blue car around the neighborhood. He’s an outdoor kid, and he’s promising his mama lots of steps this summer.

I can’t wait to connect with people again in person. I think I’ve missed it much more than I can even fathom.

We also have a membership to the Zoo, that includes guest passes, so if you’re local and animals sound better than coffee, wine or food and honestly feel like a safer way to meet and chat this summer, let’s do the Zoo!

Sending lots of love from Waverly Street.



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