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Last week started with a speaking engagement at The Love Union, a collaborative networking event and creative gathering, at 501 Union in Brooklyn, New York. I moderated a panel of six other industry professional. The topic was: Clarifying our Roles in the Wedding Industry. 

How our talk was described, “One of the fun things about The Love Union is that we get to explore the intersections between our roles in the industry. And though our goal is common (happy clients!), there can sometimes be overlap, conflict, and confusion that can be minimized with a better understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities. We are all in this together! “

I was joined by florist and dear friend Gabrielle Aronas (G! Designs), venue coordinators Claire Mahler (501 Union) and Susan Liang (The Green Building), photographer Amber Gress, Founder & Director of MG Hair & Makeup Megan Garmers, and Holly Sheppard, owner of Fig & Pig Catering as they revealed some of the biggest misconceptions about their role, pet peeves when working with other vendors, and the one thing they wish their colleagues knew about their job!

It was an animated, entertaining and informational session. We got honest without getting ugly!

Here are 5 take aways plus a bonus one!

1.) Bring your own scissors. They don’t grow on trees and while the venue loves  you– they don’t have unlimited office supplies to lend each weekend. 

 2.) Discuss the often dreaded vendor meal situation in advance. Encourage each vendor to bring their own snack to sustain themselves through set up, ceremony, cocktail hour. Ask if the caterer could possible provide something pre-made earlier in the day–for example: a pasta salad so vendors are nourished and able to function well and then AFTER the guests are fed if the caterer or chef could invite the hardworking vendors into the kitchen to get the good stuff, grattitude will be returned. 

We were pretty much all in agreement that this had solved this often the universal problem of feeding vendors, but obviously this is just one small sampling’s opinion, but perhaps our conversation will inspire you to find a solutiuon that works well for you and your team.

3.) Vendors like more invformation vs. less. When in doubt include it and if it’s not relevent, they’ll skip over it. Let them decide.

4.) Don’t use text messages for professional communication until the day of the wedding or event. Texting on the wedding day is acceptable.

5.) Communicaiton is KEY. Talking is good, email and paper trails are better. Read the contracts and information provided and communicate expectations, challenges, questions, answers, and problems. 

*BONUS: Photographers are people too. Infact, they are creative people who’s job doesn’t end after the cake is cut.They don’t just have the hundred of pictures to edit from “your” wedding, they are wrapping up a busy season– they are editing THOUSANDS of pictures and getting requests for photos from grandma, brides, grooms, etc so when random vendor 101 reaches out without a warm hello, a kind word, or any personal pleantry. Oh no you didn’t! Know that doesn’t feel good and how could the photographer possibly be motivated to priortize your request. 

We know all to well that wedding days are stressful, long, exhausting and draining but in work and in life we could all make an effort to be kinder, more sincere, patient, attentive and appreciative our bonds will be stronger, our successes sweeter, our teams more effective and our clients happiner. 

Thanks ladies for making it a great talk. We appreciate those who were in the audience –  thank you for listening and sharing your afternoon with us. 

What was your favorite take away? Any follow up questions? Keep in touch! 

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Special thanks to Brooke, Megan, Emily and the genius team behind the brilliance of The Love Union. I’ll be recapping more soon, but I am a huge fan and was so grateful for this very unqiue speaking opportunity. 

Have a great week!



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