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September 2, 2016

Oh Donna

“Oh, Donna, Oh, Donna
Oh, Donna, Oh, Donna
I had a girl
Donna was her name
Since she left me
I’ve never been the same
Cause I love my girl
Donna, where can you be? Where can you be?
Now that you’re gone
I’m left all alone
All by myself
To wander and roam
Cause I love my girl
Donna, where can you be? Where can you be?
Well, darlin’, now that you’re gone
I don’t know what I’ll do
All the time and all my love for you”

September is my month, now it’s our month and while the last few years have tested my love of this beautiful month, I’m determined to take it back. Those I’ve lost would want it that way. While I’m sure I’ll be sad today, and sometimes it’s good to let yourself be sad, I’m going to find special ways to honor and remember my mom- more than usual-on the two year “anniversary” of her passing.  My sister in-law has a diet coke ready to drink in my mom’s honor and tootsie roll pops to give the kids. Their grandma always had tootsie roll pops. I’ve written much in my grief but have been reluctant to share since this is my event planning blog, but this month- anything goes, grief and all. I am committing to blogging all month to see where it will take me. Though life isn’t easy, at all, I am proud of the life I’ve built and continue to build. It’s interesting, colorful, fun and optimistic and hopefully by sharing more I’ll inspire others to live large, do more, be intentional and enrich their journeys. 

What are some of your goals this month?  Do you have any creative ways to remember and honor loved ones you’ve lost?

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