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It was Labor Day 2013, the eve of the two year anniversary of our first meet, date, kiss and all that jazz and a rather uneventful day, until….. Rick popped the question!

We had enjoyed a lovely cozy morning filled with lots of hugs and kisses and then a productive afternoon independent of one another. I was cleaning an antique desk I had found recently at a flea market, that now has a special place in my home office/ our guest room, so I had black gunk under my fingernails. He was watching the US Open and going through newspapers and paper work in our living room.

Rick asked me two things that in hindsight were a little unusual, but with Rick I often expect the unusual, so I really didn’t think much of it. Had I suspected I was going to be proposed to I may have opted to, um…  shower. My ice cream loving guy, initiated a walk to get frozen yogurt. He knew I’d wanted to try the place in our town, so I was psyched to try this after a dinner of leftover pizza for him and a frozen Lean Cuisine for me. He also asked me if I’d watch an episode of The Six Million Dollar Man with him. I am sure I rolled my eyes as I reluctantly agreed, hoping it was a sweet episode at least and that is why he wanted to share it with me.

After our neighborhood walk and the fro yo was fetched and enjoyed, we returned home and cuddled up on the love seat and started the program that had been saved on our DVR. It was the episode where The Six Million Dollar Man was reunited with his love, the woman who would later become The Bionic Woman. Towards the end of the show, the woman comments that it might not be so bad being the bride of Frankenstein. Then the man says, are you planning to get married? And she says, I don’t think it would be so bad. He says, “Don’t you have to be asked?” A line Rick had so cleverly worked into a conversation we had earlier in the day. She answers, “I suppose.” And then the man on TV half turns to the woman and says, “so will ya?”. Three words that every woman longs to hear and that have changed my life forever.  Without missing a beat, Rick hits pause on the remote control and half turns to me and with his big blues eyes wide open and the sweetest grin that filled his whole face, says “So will ya?” On cue I say what she says—”so will I what???”

Next he goes to the drawer of the table next to him and pulls out a box. He opens the box, I see a ring, I like it. I am relieved! Whew. It’s pretty, interesting and Celtic looking. I like! Rick quickly says, don’t get your hopes up, it’s just a place holder. It’s a ring he got from a bubble gum machine years ago, for $1.50, because he jokes it took him six tries. The ring fits the second finger on my left hand perfectly and will rest there until we get to go shopping for my engagement ring!

We toasted, sipping pink champagne from my Edinburgh Crystal.

The next day we celebrated our anniversary, starting with cocktails at Frost, the new ice bar in Boston. Very cool.  Then we enjoyed an amazing dinner, great service and spectacular views of the city of Boston at Top of the Hub. After dinner we had a nightcap in their lounge and enjoyed live music performed by a trio of musicians. It was a wonderful celebration and a perfect evening to mark this amazing milestone in our lives.

Thanks to all those who love, like and support us, your congratulations and well wishes mean the world to us.



Photo credit: Studio Nouveau

  1. Congratulations, Tammy!

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