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May 30, 2013

Month of Coordination – a bride’s post wedding perspective

If you’re trying to make up your mind about hiring someone to help you coordinate your wedding day, perhaps this bride’s post wedding perspective will help.

“I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for all your hard work on Sunday and in the weeks and months leading up the wedding. We are all so incredibly pleased with how everything went, and we could not have had such a relaxed and enjoyable day without you there to run everything behind the scenes.

I know there were some challenges with moving the ceremony and the electricity situation, but you managed everything so smoothly that we hardly noticed a thing. It was so reassuring to have you come up to me and explain exactly what you had arranged before we even knew that a potential problem existed.

You also did such a great job of interfacing with the LW staff. During the reception, everything was timed so well in terms of serving the courses and the toasts. I was so impressed by how smoothly everything went, despite the challenges inherent in having to track down speakers who are busy mingling with guests. When Ravi and I got up to make our toast, I was concerned that people were still eating and weren’t ready to go straight into dancing right afterwards, but you were absolutely correct that it was time, as evidenced by the instantaneous mass migration to the dance floor.

You asked me Sunday night about my favorite moment of the evening, and I couldn’t answer you, but thinking about it afterwards, it was definitely looking around at the end of “My Girl” and seeing the dance floor jam-packed full of family and friends. I’ve always envisioned my wedding as a huge party with everyone I care about having a great time, and that dream was fully realized on Sunday.

Lastly, I wanted to thank you for so faithfully following the myriad details from my many spreadsheets. I’ve heard many people say that their wedding was a blur and they hardly remember any of it, but I don’t feel that way – I remember lots of details. I felt calm and relaxed throughout the day, and I think the reason I felt that way was because you did such a great job of carrying out the plans we had made. I knew everything that was supposed to happen, and every time you came up to me and said, it’s time to do the first dance, or have a particular toast, right at the time I was expecting, it reinforced my sense that everything was running smoothly and on time. Therefore, I was able to relax, disengage from the planning process, and truly enjoy the day.

I was amazed to see that you even managed to move the ceremony flowers from upstairs down to the dance the floor, despite the elevator problems! I couldn’t believe it.

Once again, thank you for everything – you were such an important part of the day.”

  1. Heidi says:

    So nice to get such well written and positive feedback. Well deserved TG!

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