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December 16, 2010

Reminiscing about China

I have been looking for a new apartment. A friend generously reminded me that in New York finding an apartment is like a full time job. So while I have done a decent job of maintaining both my full time jobs, my dear blog took the hit. In between frequent visits to craigslist and regular trips to unfamiliar neighborhoods, I’ve been creating a birthday box, planning a baby shower, coordinating a walk for charity and entertaining three other exciting projects for 2011.

Meanwhile I thought I’d share something personal from my past. The last few weeks my heart and mind have been in China with dear friends who are there adopting their third child. I was invited to travel with them on trip number two as they adopted their youngest daughter in 2007. It was a fantastic experience. It was documented first hand by my friend who just so happens to be a New York Times editor, and now proud mother of three children. So if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to go to China and adopt a child, grab a cup of coffee, a diet coke or a glass of wine depending on the hour and read her recap of our trip to China.

Outside of the emotion of witnessing an international adoption in person, the daily culinary adventures, the 90 minute massages for $3, the culture and the friendship, one of my favorite things we did in China was to have clothes tailor made. It was very realistic, easy, affordable and quick. After choosing fabrics, being measured as pictured above, communicating what we wanted with our guide’s help translating of course, two days later the finished articles arrived at our hotel. This and the massages are my two strong recommendations for anyone traveling to China. One of the brides from a wedding I coordinated this past fall had the dress she wore for her tea ceremony made it Hong Kong.

With Christmas a little over a week away, I hope you’re finding time to spend with friends and family in between the baking, card writing, gift purchasing and menu planning.

Congratulations to my friends who will be bringing home their son and brother just in time for Christmas.

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