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May 24, 2010

What happened?

My unplanned absence this past week was due to a little accident that landed me in the emergency room. Last Tuesday, I left a late night meeting at Ana Dolan’s midtown studio. I used the ride home to draft an e-mail message to our team regarding a photo shoot that was scheduled for Thursday. As I headed up the rain soaked subway stairs, my foot slipped and my face fell into the metal reinforcement that covers the edge of the cement subway steps. I had a deep and bloody cut between my eyebrows, ironically in the outline of a “T”, thus branding my face. Good samaritan, Beth stayed with me until the EMTs transported me to the hospital. Thanks to the police officers and the paramedics who suggested I ask for a plastic surgeon. I may not have thought of this on my own. My dear friend Jessie met me at the hospital and actually beat the ambulance there. I tweeted from the back on the emergency vehicle with one hand, as the other hand held the ice pack to my wound. Tweeting comforted me because if I could tweet, my brain was okay and my motor skills were strong. But the real benefit to tweeting was the outpour of love and support my emergency tweets generated. I received over 50 messages via twitter. To think, sometimes I wonder if anyone is really reading what I tweet, well wonder no more, they are and when it’s important my followers are there. Forty stitches later, I am feeling fine, just a little cautious.

I am always grateful for Jen Huang’s beautiful photography, but with an impending scar in the middle of my mug, I am especially grateful she snapped this photo of me a few weeks ago at a photo shoot she arranged at Lovely Bridal Shop.

Sincere thanks to everyone who has been so wonderful to me. I appreciate all the e-mails, telephone calls and text messages.

  1. Dana says:

    I haven't even read the blog post yet, I will in a second but first I need to say – Fantastic picture. you are gorgeous!

  2. Tammy Golson says:

    Thanks Dana, your check is in the mail! BTW, you had a three tiered antique serving piece last week that I was drooling over, has it sold yet?

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