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March 30, 2010

Blogging Advice

A few weeks ago I was invited to a Creative Mornings breakfast event at the Galapagos Art Space in epic Dumbo. It was a crisp clear spring morning. WaLking along cobble stone streets, the beautiful view of the Brooklyn Bridge had more impact than caffeine.

Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy was the speaker. Listening to Maxwell’s story of starting Apartment Therapy and hearing how it has evolved organically over time was excellent. He has a great concept, a strong following and lots of traffic to his site daily. He certainly motivated the audience. After, privately I asked him for a little blogging advice.

Three pieces of advice and items he reminded me of were:

1.) Write and post daily. Make my blog the newspaper that lands at your front door each morning. I don’t want people to come to my blog and not find something new. You always want to give readers reason to visit and return.

2.) Host the conversation, the party. Don’t preach instead engage your audience and always encourage communication and participation. Wonder why I try to end many blog posts with a question? That’s why, I really want your opinion and want this to be your blog. I am all ears (or eyes I guess, but you know what I mean.)

3.) Be unique. Write about something different, the example he gave me was kitchen cabinet hardware. He told me the person who wrote about hardware didn’t have the most riviting site, but when he needed information on kitchen cabinet hardware, he knew exactly where to go. With that in mind, there are so many wonderful writers and bloggers who post inspiration boards, wedding etiquette and bridal fashion advice, it would be redundant for me to shadow or mirror their efforts. Instead, I will remain current, share what I personally discover and bring you quality, interesting, creative, personal ideas, vendors, venues and information I think you will appreciate as it relates to the event, wedding and culinary world.

It was a bit early and dark to full-on network, but these name tag alternatives were designed to promote interaction. I was a couch, everything is possible from the couch. I can work, relax, entertain, sleep, host, stretch out, read, watch, listen and eat all from the comfort of a couch. Over the years, looking for various apartments in New York, that was always a deal breaker. I always had to have room for a couch.

What piece of furniture would you be?

Thanks to Maxwell for his time and knowledge. Thank you Tina for arranging the Creative Mornings, what a great way to start the day, I look forward to the next one. Sara Wasilausky was kind enough to share her photos from the morning. Thanks Sara, I look forward to sitting down with you over a glass of wine next week and seeing your beautiful wedding images. Thanks to Lisa my friend and blogging buddy for introducing this event to me.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Certainly a Dining Room Table!

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