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November 3, 2009

Twitter works

I remember the morning I first heard about twitter. I’d compare it to having sushi for the first time. I didn’t really get it. But then I starting using it the way I was supposed to (add ginger, wasabi and soy) and WOW! 1575 tweets later I am hooked. After a decade, sashimi is my favorite.

Last night my tweeting paid off. No, Oprah hasn’t called asking me to plan her next party, not that kind of pay off. Instead, while perusing last night’s Wedding Salon, I was approached by three different wedding professionals. I had met them all briefly before, but they all follow me on twitter. Often times, I tweet and I feel like I am standing on stop of a cliff, only to hear the echo of my own voice. Is anyone really listening/reading? Last night my social media activity was validated in a small yet significant way.

Here are two of my favorite personal conversations via twitter:

Getting ready to fly to Wisconsin to see my younger brother get married, I tweet–(I was kind of joking, and didn’t even know the airline was on twitter)

Dear @midwestairlines, how about an interesting, intelligent, attractive & available seat mate on my 6:50 flight from lga to mke. Thanks!
1:05 PM Oct 19th

I did not expect to get a response, so was surprised when the reply was personalized and funny:

@MidwestAirlines:I’ll see if @CCHIP is available for the trip but that’s a tall request to fulfill. Maybe you’ll luck out without help.
1:45 PM Oct 19th

Of course this story would clearly be better if the seat next to me had not been empty, drat!

and then this one….

I tweet to no one in particular, just the twitterverse:

Cutest two year old ever on subway platform, she introduced herself as a two year old and extended her hand for me to shake! Yes really.
2:32 PM Oct 1st

Ps . Then she blessed me after I sneezed, I am a sucker for good manners. This two year old is going places!
2:33 PM Oct 1st

I get this response almost immediately from a fabulous New York City event planner, I have met on at least two occasions:

@tammygolson HAVE to know was she wearing a pink coat?!!!
2:36 PM Oct 1st

@mayakalman you know her? Is she yours??? I think so. Pink boots and green leggings for sure!
3:00 PM Oct 1st

@tammygolson OMG! Thats my daughter Zara! TOO FUNNY! I’m hysterical that my daughter is being tweeted about.
3:00 PM Oct 1st

@mayakalman almost gave her my card & asked her to call me! Of course she is your daughter. may need to borrow a daughter to skd play date!
3:04 PM Oct 1st

@tammygolson I’m hysterical! I know she’s SUCH a character. been like this since day one. Everyone in BK calls her the mayor LMAO!
3:17 PM Oct 1st

@iamparris,@ShiraWeinberger,@EliteAffairs: Great seeing you all again last night! Thanks for inspiring this post!

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