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August 29, 2009

Nut Allergies

Dear Chefs and Caterers,

Thank you for being passionate about making interesting and delicious food, because we all know I love to eat it and try everything!

I have a favor to ask, on behalf of the 3.3 million of us Americans who have nut allergies. Can you please remember to inform your staff when a nut is used in a sauce, crust or hidden anywhere in the meal? My allergy is (knock on wood) no longer life threatening, it’s just ugly, uncomfortable and inconvenient. I know this is not the case for all. Allergies are as unique as the person. For example: I can have almonds, pine nuts and coconut if it’s cooked, but raw will make my tongue itch. I am allergic to: Walnuts, Pecans, Peanuts, Pistachios, Cashews and most other nuts. I don’t expect you to know or remember what I can and can not eat, that is my responsibility, but please inform your staff what nuts are where and list it on the menu when possible.

Last night, my inflated lips did not hurt, it was more of a vanity issue. Having to run out of a wedding before the first dance to buy Benadryl (yes, I know, I should carry it with me) is a bummer.

Our job is to ask the servers if anything has nuts and if they say no, we’ll dig in, but if we get the wrong information it could spoil our evening. You have put too much time and effort into creating an excellent meal and experience for it to be ruined by a silly little nut.

Thank you for your sensitivity to this matter.


Tammy Golson

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