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August 27, 2009

Julie and Julia

How does one come home from seeing Julie and Julia and not blog and drink wine. This one doesn’t. Hopefully I’ll write faster than I drink so the alcohol doesn’t affect the content of this post.

I knew I’d like this movie, I did not know how much I would love it and relate to it on so many levels.

How, you ask?

– Julia was tall, her sister was very tall. They both married men much shorter than them, later in life and were so in love. I will stop deleting profiles of men who are under 5’10, effective immediately. I am 5’11. By the time I get married, some may say, I’ll be later (gulp!) in life.

– Julia came into her passion when she was 40 (I have a head start here) and it took her YEARS to get reward and recognition. (I must be patient!)

– Julia had an amazingly positive attitude.


– Julie talked to families of 9/11 victims from a cubical in 2002. I opened letters and donations for families of 9/11 victims from a cubical in 2002.

– Watching Julie blog consistently, monitor her comments and see it through to the end was so encouraging.

– The frequent nods to The New York Times make me proud to say I worked for the paper for many years.

– I got excited that they mentioned Amanda Hesser (see her cool new project here!) by name early on. Imagine my surprise when she showed up at Julie’s door for dinner. Amanda was a colleague and is author of Cooking for Mr. Latte, one of my favorite reads. I’ve been following her work for sometime, obviously not closely enough, because her cameo was unknown to me.

– Julie refers to herself as egocentric. (I think that was the word she used.) I feel like it’s been about me a lot, lately, as I build my business, which I am not entirely proud of. (The being about me, I am certainly proud of the business!) I welcome the chance to make it about someone else: Accepting Applications.

In general, the film was beautifully filmed, the story was lovingly told and the love each woman had was to be envied. I want to shop for food in Paris.

Write a letter, read a blog (and leave comments), cook something French.

Bon appétit!

  1. Anonymous says:

    My Julia Child memory is that, at my parents house, we always kept the combination to our family safe in Volume II of The Art of French Cooking. Taking down Julia's recipes meant we were either (a) making tasty food, or (b) taking out some family treasures. Either way, it was a huge treat for me! Warm memories of Julia abound!!!

  2. Sweet Muse says:

    Absolutely MUST see this movie after reading your post! Its sounds inspiring on many levels. I'll be sure to have a cook book, bottle of wine, and computer standing ready at home so I can make the most of whatever inspirations come my way.

  3. Aunt Linda says:


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