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August 4, 2009

Planning a Birthday Party

While I have great clients, I am guilty of playing favorites! Luckily my three year old godson in Michigan is one of them. Planning his birthday this year was so much fun. The morning of his party was like Christmas morning. He took my hand and guided me through each room in the house that had fun things for his birthday. Everything he showed me was followed by a: “for my birthday!”

Jen Kroll
, the extraordinary wedding photographer came by early to capture the details of the day, before heading out-of-town to shoot a wedding. I am so grateful to her. I look forward to unveiling her photos soon.

Planning a Birthday Party:

-Start thinking and planning early.
-Consider your child’s interests. Find inspiration in their playroom, on their bookshelf or from their imagination. Take a common idea and find a way to personalize it.
-Do less well vs. more sloppy. It’s okay to aim for the sky with your intentions, but if everything does not get done, don’t panic. You have not published the menu or the itinerary and no one will be the wiser if you eliminate a game or forgo the potato salad.
-Delegate and enlist help when necessary. Even if the help is from a local bakery, it’s okay!
-Childrens’ parties are an excellent opportunity to explore and experiment with DIY projects, especially when it comes to invitations, goody bags and decorations. (If the results are unsuccessful, you don’t have to use them or you can tell guests your child helped you.) No one will criticize a parent for trying, on the contrary.
– Keep it simple, the first few years are for you and they won’t remember the details, but be bold and have fun with bright colors, balloons and silly things that aren’t always appropriate for other events.
-Remember this is a celebration and it should be fun, schedule time to relax and enjoy yourself.

  1. Kimber says:

    This was the cutest party! The children loved it. Even better, children that attended and children that were unable to attend want to know how many days till Andrew's next birthday. Great job Tammy and I really don't know how in the world you will top this!!

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