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July 29, 2009

Fabulous Opera Singer

Elizabeth Nicholas Synott is amazing!

Elizabeth has single-handedly changed my life. I would not be where I am today without her influence. I sincerely know this in my heart. I want to write about her singing and her talent as a performer, but it’s difficult for me to discuss that without first acknowledging the woman, the person and the friend.

Beth goes above, beyond and out of her way for strangers. Nine years ago, I had a temporary assignment at an insurance company. Beth worked at the company and passed by my desk and immediately suggested I call her friend at The New York Times. From her initiative I was hired by The New York Times. I was employed there for seven years, up until the time I was prepared to leave and start my own event planning business. While the job paid my bills, exposed me to much and introduced me to dear and lifelong friends, having that job enabled me to research, develop and dive into a profession I am passionate about!

She asked me the simple question: what do you do? I remember this day so clearly and thinking what do I do? At the time I answered catering, followed by question marks. From that moment my life shifted.

Beth hosted a monthly Performance Series for years. She gathered like minded and talented individuals to practice their art. Comedians, writers, musicians and vocalists entertained us for hours. She invited me to caterer these events, which brought me joy and really allowed me to test my culinary skills.

Beth’s vocal performances at these events were unbelievable. Her vocal range and capacity is unmatched and her voice sends chills through my body. She has a gift and I treasure any opportunity to hear her sing.

Beth rocks the stage as well. Four years ago Valentine’s day she performed off- broadway on a stage in Manhattan. My valentine (a professional classical musician) and I left thoroughly entertained.

Her organizational skills, generous spirit, big heart, enthusiasm, energy and sense of humor are also in the forefront of my mind. She has organized talent shows that are hugely successful. Last fall Beth hosted a yard sale to raise money for Artists Striving To End Poverty(ASTEP). Beth is one of the most remarkable women I know. I am thrilled, proud and honored to call her a friend. She is the first person I would think of if I needed someone to entertain, perform, sing or initiate a musically inspired project or collaboration.

And can she ever sing, listen to Elizabeth sing here.

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