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June 13, 2009

Bridal Shower Decor

I was recently asked for suggestions on how to decorate for a bridal shower. While this is a very general question and difficult to answer in general terms there are some basic rules I follow when planning the decor of a shower or a party in someone’s home.

While these do not apply to every shower, I encourage you to keep the style, location, budget and ascetics in mind when making decisions regarding your event decor.

1. Fresh Flowers.
2. Candlelight.
3. Food. Beautifully presented, delicious food is the perfect way to decorate the table. When planning the menu consider the colors, textures, serving dishes and heights of items offered. Fruits and vegetables in their natural states presented well dress a table nicely.
4. Space. Host the event in a clean and uncluttered space.
5. Gifts. Display the gifts in a prominent location as they will fill the room with color and intrigue.
6. Signage. Displaying the guest of honor’s name and your good wishes makes an excellent first impression, this is a great opportunity to get creative and be original. Need a little help with this? Martha Stewart has a great template for crafty signage.
7. Contributions. Ask those closest to the bride (or mother to be if it’s a baby shower)or all guests for a song that reminds them of the honored one, a piece of advice, a photo or a recipe. These personal contributions can be displayed with clothespins and hung as garland, placed in a scrapbook, used in a slide show, ironed on to a tablecloth or burned to a cd for guests to take home.
8. Color. If the shower doesn’t have a concept: Garden Party, Afternoon Tea, Picnic in the Park etc: choose a color or two and use these colors subtly throughout the decor from invitations to dessert.
9. Personalize. Place cards, escort cards, name tags or personalized favors are the thoughtful touches that makes guests feel welcome and appreciated. Everyone likes to walk into a room and see their name on something. Ana Dolan and the ladies behind Gifts For The Good Life are excellent at creating personalized touches and tailoring them to specific events.
10. Bake. Even if you are buying the toll house pre-made cookie dough, bake something just before your guests arrive, let the delicious aroma fill the room.

*Bonus: Smile. Relax and enjoy. A nervous, stressed or unhappy host does not compliment the decor guidelines I’ve suggested.

Dessert Artists Amy Atlas designs the most beautiful tables. Amy’s creations are excellent visual examples of some of the suggestions I have outlined. Her work is so fresh, clean, creative and inspiring.

While, I love planning weddings and events in general, showers hold a very special place in my heart. When planning a shower, it’s an excellent opportunity to celebrate colors, exercise your creativity and showcase your personality. Whether you get whimsical, retro, chabby chic or go modern remember the reason and have fun.

Tell me about the best shower you’ve ever been to.

(Photos courtesy of Amy Atlas’ Website)

  1. Dana Douglas says:

    Love this post. Great ideas and great visual table examples.

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