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March 10, 2009

Sooo Sweet!

Saturday it was nearly 70 degrees in New York City. This prompted a walk to the farmer’s market in Union Square that continued. The glorious day led me to Soho where we were lured by Melissa. She had a line of locals waiting to sample her miniature stuffed cupcakes.

When the woman in front of me in line asked Melissa if she was a baker, she answered reluctantly, “I am now…”

Her story:
Melissa has a friend who is a huge Grateful Dead fan and he wasn’t doing anything to celebrate his birthday. Melissa decided to make him Tie-Dye cupcakes. Her older brother who is an entrepreneur and very influential in her life, suggested she make cupcakes for a living. Take that advice, some good relationships and a little luck and she is doing exactly that. Thursday was the first day she opened the window she sells the cupcakes from.

Her cakes:
It’s a bite, it’s a perfect bite, small enough that you can try two or three flavors before feeling full. This is my favorite way to eat, I love to try everything. I started with the Cookies & Cream, Red Velvet and her signature Tie-Dye. (Not my first choices but that’s all that was left that I could eat. My nut allergy restricted me from trying the PB& Jelly and the Peanut Butter Cup) Initially, I was going to get some to take to my dinner in Brooklyn, but when I learned she had run out of the “good” flavors, I decided not to bring them as my hostess gift. My friend and I enjoyed all three cupcakes. In fact, I like them so much I decided they too were the “good” flavors and did the unthinkable. I waited in line a second time to purchase more cupcakes to bring to my foodies in Carroll Gardens.

I admittedly love looking at, shopping for and making cupcakes, especially miniature ones. They are though, however, not my first choice when consuming calories. I much prefer a gooey brownie or a warm chocolate chip cookie. Melissa may change my mind. I will be back to try the Cookie Dough and S’mores cupcakes. The frosting too is delicious and each dessert is topped with an ingredient that compliments the flavor. Presented in a white box, one’s first reaction is sooo sweet; to look at and to eat! I brought my empty box back with me the second time to be refilled, Melissa rewarded by recycling efforts with a $.50 discount. Go Melissa! Pick up your cupcakes on Spring Street btw Mercer & Broadway or visit Baked by Melissa online.

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