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February 6, 2009

is the largest business networking organization in the world. It offers members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and most importantly, business referrals. There are 47 chapters in Manhattan. Each chapter is limited to one professional from each industry, so I would never be in competition with another event planner. I have resisted joining thus far, but am thrilled to visit or to be asked to substitute for member who is planning an absence. This organization was significant as I started structuring my company. The 7am (eeek!) weekly breakfast meeting requires members to stand and share their 30-60 second commercial. Subbing at Chapter 16 the past two weeks really helped me shape my pitch/voice. I am ready to meet Trump in an elevator! This is what I would say, here is what sets me apart from other event planners in New York and what I am looking for:

“Good Morning Everyone.

My name is Tammy Golson, I am an event planner and my company is Tammy Golson Events.

We plan Weddings, Destination Events, Private Parties and Corporate Functions.

We are passionate about planning events and deliver the most personalized service!

A great referral for us is a newly engaged couple, successful professionals who are too busy or overwhelmed with the planning process but want to celebrate or acknowledge their milestone in a thoughtful, personal and creative way.

Tammy Golson, Tammy Golson Events

For your next event planned with style and grace, please remember this face.”

I have visited or subbed at only three chapters, 44 to go and have met AMAZING people already. Thanks to those who have welcomed to their meetings and if you need a sub, please keep me in mind.

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