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February 3, 2009

25 Random things about me

This application is currently traveling around facebook.
Thought I’d share mine here.

1. I used to be envious of and intrigued by people who loved their jobs, now I am happy to be one of them.

2. I absolutely love the technology that allows me to “play train” with Andrew in Kalamazoo, watch Cambelle do gymnastics in Waukesha and have face time with Ellen in Osceola all in the same day from the comfort of my living room on the upper east side. Seriously, what’s next?

3. I am 5’11 in socks. I was always the tallest in my class, but I still look up to my friends.

4. I love sunsets, birthday cake remix, sand between my toes, grilling out, Indian food, BYOB restaurants, pedicures, a bargain, Target, Fairway, warm days after it’s been very cold, lilacs, Aveda, Molton Brown, stuffing from inside the turkey, and strong blue cheese.

5. I wish I had a faster metabolism.

6. My bedroom is not as organized as my events are.

7. I love going out. I love coming home.

8. I get my haircut by a man named Dominic at a barbershop in the east village. One time, when he was finished he told me I looked like a movie star. I am still hanging on to that.

9. Until I moved into this apartment- over three years ago, I did not have a dishwasher, wireless Internet or DVR. Now, I will never live without a dishwasher, wireless Internet or DVR.

10. I am committed to building a successful business, but more than anything, I look forward to finding someone to share my life with, having children and building wonderful traditions with my family. Until then, I will embrace my new role of sister in-law beginning October 23.

11. I want to go to India, South Africa, Napa, New Orleans, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Thailand, Japan, Australia, Fiji and New Zealand.

12. I used to cook meals for 100 people many times every week and now when I cook for one I feel like I have accomplished something significant.

13. Winter Carnival in Quebec City was one of the coldest but most amazing weekend trips I have ever taken. Walking along the cobblestone streets was like a Christmas card or a snow globe come alive. Drinking cocktails from glasses carved out of ice at the ice hotel was cool!

14. When shopping for domains, I bought simply because I am inspired by individuals like Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray and Katie Brown, and in the years to come, should I choose to grow my brand, I’ll be prepared.

15. Lucky was my all time favorite dog. I am allergic to peanut butter and cats, but I once had a miracle cat that I was not allergic to. When my roommate, who owned the cat, moved out I missed the cat more than the roommate. (I feel the need to add that-I am NOT a cat person!)

16. My bar: St. Andrews is CLOSING (okay relocating) but I am still sad because it has been a constant in my life for the last 10 years. Most of my out of town visitors, local friends and family members have been there. The new location is only two blocks away but it will not house the amazing memories made inside the four walls on 44th Street.

17. In addition to passionately planning weddings, events, showers and children’s birthday parties; I love destination events, designing invitations, making goodies bags, setting pretty tables, decorating miniature cupcakes and carrying out a theme in a tasteful manner.

18. I don’t like and won’t eat maple syrup, sauerkraut, beets and ketchup. Everything else is fair game.

19. I have eaten sheep’s intestines and snake congee but snowboarding and trapeze school scared the c*&! out of me.

20. I wear my heart on my sleeve.

21. I love taking and posing for pictures, I would love a “big” camera some day- the click is seductive.

22. I wish I were more motivated to exercise and could move Manhattan closer to the Midwest.

23. My annual tree trimming party is one of my favorite days of the year.

24. I am a total klutz. I have broken an arm, dislodged teeth, skinned numerous knees, ripped countless pairs of pants and embarrassed myself on dates due to my lack of coordination.

25. After living in Scotland for a year, I spent a few months in Wisconsin before moving to New York. When I arrived in NY and started unpacking, I found a yellow post-it note in each box that read “Love, Dad”.

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